ErosHost is Ready, We will be Live within a week.

ErosHost servers are finally ready, you can expect it within a week or so. Hosted 4 High Traffic sites there and yeah, it’s good actually, everything is working as I expected.

Well, It has been online for more than a year now and Has Some Enterprise Clients with our managed Cloud Servers, but it was mostly B2B. We were managing two Major Bank websites and a very famous ( Now At least, getting viral for overpriced Panjabi’s, can you guess? ) Fashion Brand. But As I’ve written on the company vision page, we must bring cloud computing to the mass, I am doing it now.

So My theory was, let’s not start as a startup. ErosHost has a mother company already, so funding is not an issue, we don’t even have to make any sales for a few months before running out of cash. So yes, we will be making some profit here and there, but clients would get something that has been never available in Bangladesh. Let’s say GoDaddy Class Web Hosting, with more features, cPanel with a Namecheap Price.

Yes, that’s possible for us at this stage. We don’t have to have more staff or anything else. If This Little company gets some attention, let’s say it reaches 100 clients by the end of this year, we can simply hire another support guy ( we call them Customer Success Specialists ) and we are good to go.

Scaling is one of the main focuses, so instead of getting involved with Datacenters and servers, this time we are choosing multi-billion-dollar cloud providers ( You know who they are ) that are reliable, and have the worlds best professionals working out there, so they can handle our websites. Most of the internet relies on them already by the way. If they can handle Netflix and Spotify, they can handle us. And it’s easy to scale up. Even the CIA and FBI use their services, so our client data should be safe too I guess.

As Control Panel, I will sell CyberPanel Servers From EzoHost, But our core Products are using cPanel for the moment. Nobody can deny that cPanel is more user-friendly and people are used to it. Personally, I just don’t like to change my own things like PC OS, and phone UI, and I Think Nobody else does too. So cPanel it is.

What else is in my mind? Oh Yeah, I need a Proper Logo for ErosHost, I Like Logo Designs by Borhan Bhai too be honest, but not his website designs. He is a minimalistic Guy and not into Arts, he is a tech guy, I understand. He Likes white backgrounds and black text, That’s it. But He is not a sales guy like myself. When I am making something for the customer/client, His/Her choice matters, not mine.

Trade Licence Done
Payment Gateway Done
Servers are Live
Billing Portal is Done

So yeah, next week ErosHost will be Online. Not cheap, but a starting business shall not spend more than 10 BDT per day for its first website. So I will Provide:

*More than Enough Space For a Website, let’s say 20GB? 30GB?
*Business Emails
*3 Layer Backup
*99.999% Uptime
*A Domain Name with Privacy Protection.

All for 10 BDT per Day so 10*365 = 3650 BDT or around 35$ Per Year. A Very Good Deal indeed for someone who is just getting started.

I am planning to create some videos as the company updates this time. Like sharing growth, marketing strategies, and unique selling points. I Might Use this company for that purpose, Let’s see what we can do.